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 Official Recruitment Thread

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PostSubject: Official Recruitment Thread   Sun May 06, 2012 2:26 pm


*** If u are lazy to read, short overview: ***
*** Clan lvl: 6 ***
*** Clan leader: DontEvenTry ***
*** Members: 50+***
*** Ally: StoneCold ***
*** Castle: ***
*** Clan Hall: Giran Silver Manor ***

So recruitment status is open, here is what we need from You:
- you must be able to communicate in english, no polak, spanish, romanian, russian, latvian blabla -
- you must be aware of your class and know your role in PvPvE
- you must know this game and be familiar with the „newer” chronicles (like attribute system)
- you must be able to play as a team
- participate on the announced events (sieges, etc)

Some info about the clan:

The Blight Clan

Medium size, leisure International Clan.

Our members are Latvian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Romanian, but if English isn`t a problem, we welcome any nationalities.

Most members have real time obligations so this is why the highest activity during the evening till past midnight (gmt+2) but we have active people online throughout the day.

The clan does not have a CP structure, but CP-s are welcomed to join and support classes are welcomed in clan partys.

No cooperative craft / gear policy, but helpful members.

Currently we are looking for: Everyone 76+ , active COV is more than welcomed

Cya in Game
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Official Recruitment Thread
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