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 [IL OFF]L2:Max 15x [retail gameplay!] - Launching soon!

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PostSubject: [IL OFF]L2:Max 15x [retail gameplay!] - Launching soon!   Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:21 pm

[IL OFF]L2:Max 15x [retail gameplay!] - Launching soon!

Dear members of this community,

L2Max is a Lineage 2 Community established in the early C4 era by Phantom. After a few years Teufel joined the administration team as some of you might recall to help Phantom with developing and the general administration of the server. Our team is specialized in the field of Lineage2, since 2005. We provided some of the best mid rate Lineage 2 servers in the past with near retail standards.

We have decided to open a new Interlude server using Official files which will launch in the end of April!

Basic info and features for our new project:
* DDoS Protection
* Official Files (most complete Interlude package currently available, largely developed in-house!)
* Antibot Protection (none of the major bots will work on L2Max, that's a guarantee!)

* Rates
~ Exp : 15x
~ Sp : 15x
~ Drop : 10x
~ Spoil : 10x
~ Seal Stones : 5x
~ Adena: 5x
~ Prices decreased by: 3x

NB: NPC Prices Decreased means that all selling prices of Clan Halls, Weapons/Armors, etc are decreased by 3x. That is for a stable economy of the server.  

* Dualboxing :
You will be able to play with your Main character plus one box and have one offline Shop (free!) simultaneously!

* Buff time :
Buff times for normal buffs will remain retail!

On our forum we are currently running a poll about the time for songs and dances. Current options are retail/ 3 minutes or 5 minutes and retail is winning by a margin.

Vital quests will be boosted!

GC/ToI - 80% chance, 2-3 parchments per drop.
Ketra/Varka Alliance - 100% chance, 2-3 items per drop.
FoG/IT - 100% chance, 1-2 items per drop.
Molars* (Ketra/Varka) - 100% chance, 2-3 items per drop.
PI quest for top A grade weapons - Will be cut to half difficulty so its actually worth it.

* - Molar quest is being altered in general. Once you have all the seeds required for a pouch, you will instead have a choice to spend those seeds on an S grade 60% armor recipe of your choice. So you don't have to buy a bag and get a random recipe of any armor set or some useless parts in general. This comes into alignment with the S grade weapon quest, where you have a choice. I hope Koreans wont be too disappointed.


All features are still up for discussion and we invite you to join our community and give us your input today! We are open for opinions and would like to hear our communitys' voice to deliver an excellent gaming experience once more.

Website:  www L2Max com
We are currently working on releasing our brand new website, until then we invite you to join our forum and participate in the current discussions about our new project!

Open beta is expected to start in the first week of April but don't pin us down on a date! We want to guarantee a stable, lag free, bug free server before going live!
More info soon!

- The L2Max Team.
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[IL OFF]L2:Max 15x [retail gameplay!] - Launching soon!
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